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Growing Up Fast: Trailer
Growing Up Fast: Joanna Lipper on Jane Pauley

Growing Up Fast follows six teen mothers through their last months of high school. Through these intimate stories, the film explores the emotions, relationships and psychological forces that lead to teen pregnancy and parenthood. In addition to featuring teen mothers, the film also includes several young fathers.

While highlighting the difficulties of teen pregnancy and parenthood, this film also shows the strength, courage, resilience, spirit and self-awareness of these adolescents, and charts their rise to meet the challenge of supporting their families while simultaneously working to graduate from high school with the help of tutoring and daycare.


This thirty-minute documentary has screened at venues including Harvard's Graduate School of Education, The Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, Makor, and HBO's Frame by Frame Film Festival at The Screening Room in New York City. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences distinguished Growing Up Fast as one of the outstanding short documentaries of 1999, and screened it as part of their annual series at UCLA.


This documentary inspired Joanna Lipper's book, Growing Up Fast.

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